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Have you ever thought of a new product or service that you did  protect and then later saw or read about the new product or service being successfully sold by another individual or company? 

Or  you are an entrepreneur who  conceived of a new product or service but did not know how to product the new product or service, or how to create  a business around this new product or service? 

Or, how to compete in the marketplace with the new product or service?

Or, how to develop a brand or a trademark for the  product or service?  

For each of these scenarios, the questions you may have are:

  •              How do I protect my idea? 
  •              What is its value proposition? (How are my customers and what value to I offer them and at what price?).
  •              How is this product or service differentiated in the marketplace? (addresses problems not addressed; more efficient; lower costs, etc)
  •              Should I conduct a patent search or trademark search? 
  •              Should I file a provisional application, a non-provisional application, or a design application? 
  •              Should I file a trademark application? 
  •              How do I protect improvements to the product or service? 
  •              How do I commercialize the product or service? 
  •              How to I pitch the product or service to an investor or another company? 
  •              Can I protect the invention internationally? 

Or, lets assume you are an entrepreneur and saw a product or service sold by another company that is protected by a patent.  What do you do next?  Is this patent still enforceable?  If a similar product is patented, how do you tell if you are not infringing this patent?  Or can you sell a competing product or service that does not infringe the patent? 

Or, lets assume you want to sell or license your patent to another company, what is the licensing royalty or purchase amount?  Are there holes in your patent that allows others to ‘design around’ your patent? 

These are only but a few common issues we can help our clients understand  and resolve. 

Behind most commercially successful products and services is a start up team of highly skilled individuals – Inventor, founder, CEO, CFO, product developers, marketing, etc.  An experienced patent and trademark attorney is an important member of this team.

Our  main interest is to  help  individuals and small businesses develop and protect their products and  then assist them commercialize the product or service by either selling or licensing the product or service in the B2C or B2B marketplace or by selling or  licensing your rights to others.

NWPatents.com is a website sponsored  and maintained by Dean A. Craine, P.S. Attorney at Law.  It is designed to provide useful, easy to understand information to inventors, small businesses and entrepreneurs  to help them identify, protect  and commercialize their products and services.   Unfortunately,  most inventors and entrepreneurs  needlessly spend thousands of dollars on patents and product development that in the end, have little or no commercial value.  Often business are interested in buying or licensing a patent but don’t know how to evaluate the commercial value of the patent.  We can help.



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