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Why you need a Patent?

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Why you need a Trademark?

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Strategies used to compete against larger companies.

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Tasks that Inventors, Entrepreneurs may do to compete.

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Patent & Trademark Services for Inventors, Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

The strategies and tactics used by companies to protect and commercializing their products and services have changed in the last ten years. The availability of news and information websites, search engines and on-line retail websites, such as Amazon, make it easy for companies to watch their competitors for new products and services. If the competitor’s product or service is deemed ‘distruptive’ or has the potential to be ‘distruptive’, then it is important for the company to develop and sell a competing product or service.  Once a new product or service is conceived of, it is important to file a provisional  patent application, non-provisional patent application (also called a utility patent application) or a design patent application as soon as possible. Before selling the product in the marketplace however, it is important that a marketing plan be developed. Part of the marketing plan may include the selection and protection of a trademark. 

We offer several patent and trademark legal services designed specifically for sole inventors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses owners who need professional, low cost, fast legal protection for their products and services.

Our Preliminary Patent Search Package: $395* (1 week turn around)

Our Provisional Patent Application Package: as low as $1,000** (1 to 10 day turnaround)

Our Design Patent Application Package: as low as $795*** (7 to 10 day turnaround)

Our Trademark Registration Package: $795**** (1 to 2 day turnaround)


*  Keyword searching only for patents issued by USPTO after 1966.

** Micro Entity qualified, written description provided by inventor.

*** Excludes drawing fees.

****Actual Use, single class application package.

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Be the first to file your patent or trademark application to protect your work. Contact Us.

Patent Editing Services

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Wrote a draft patent application? Lets us review before you file. Contact Us.

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Learn Marketing and Business Tactics Used by Large Companies. Contact Us.

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