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  Patent Related Topics:

  1. What is a problem statement and why is it important? Click Here for More Info:
  2. Why is the ‘definition’ of an invention important and why is identifying the inventions ‘key points of novel’ important? Click Here for More Info:
  3. Factors to be considered when determining if an idea should be patented or commercialized: 
  4. What are the Pros and Cons for conducting a patent search?  Click Here for More  Info:
  5. Easiest Way to Conduct Market Research.
  6. Notice of Publications:  What are they?  Why are they important?  Check Here for More Info:
  7. Filing Receipts:  Why Are They Important?  Click Here for More Info:
  8. Information Disclosure Statements (IDS) Why Are They Important?  Click Here for More Info:

Trademark Topics:

  1. How are the concepts of ‘branding’ and ‘trademarks related?
  2. Why is it important you identify your ‘brand’ before conducting a trademark search or submitting a trademark application?
  3. What is a branding template?
  4. What are ‘brand drivers’ and how do they relate to your brand?
  5. Trademark Searches:  Searching Resource Page
  6. Use of trademarks on websites.
  7.  Using unique descriptive terms and Hammers with trademarks.

Common Product Commercialization Topics:

  1. How do you determine if a product or service is commercially viable or economically worth pursuing?
  2. Investors look at a product’s or service’s ‘value proposition’.  What is it and how does in relate to patent and trademark protection?
  3. How is a product’s or service’s ‘value proposition’ determined?
  4. Why do some new products or services find market success and others fail?
  5. Developing a new product or service and obtaining patent protection for the product or service is a learning and iterative process.  What does this mean?
  6. When a new product or service to the marketplace and the original understanding, definition or description the invention and the claims recited in the patent application may not protect the new product or service. What to do?  
  7. Benefits and drawbacks to using YOUTUBE or KICK STARTER to promote your invention.
  8. Patent Evaluations: How to Determine the True Value of a Patent.  Click here
  9. Now I have file a patent application, now what?  How and when to commercialize the product or service. 
  10. What is ‘bootstrapping”? Click here

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Patent Searches: Why? Are They Required?  How To:   Patent Search Article

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