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Patent searches | Are they Necessary?  Ans:  A patent search is not required by the USPTO  to file a patent application.

Patent searches | Are they Recommended? Why?

They are strongly recommended because help the inventor determine if the invention satisfies 1/2 half the patentability requirements – novelty.   They are also important because they help the inventor and his attorney identify the invention’s problem solving statement(s) which help the inventor and his attorney determine the underlining, core, inventive concept of the invention.  The central topic or theme of a patent application and the claims are then written around the problem solving statement and the inventive concept.  If a patent search is not conducted, the application and claims in the issued patent may not adequately protect the inventive concept and the full potential commercial value of the invention may not be realized. Competitors, suppliers, or complements will learn of the inventive concept and begin manufacturing and selling products that incorporate  or use the ‘inventive concept with immunity.  

Check out the USPTO’s patent search page at: or contact us for our ‘free’ patent search template.

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