Problem Solving Statements (PSS)? Why are they important?

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Mr. Ronld D. Slusky, in his book Invention Analysis and Claims (published by America Bar Association), recommends that patent attorneys use a problem solving statement to identify the ‘inventive concept’ of an invention.  We agree.

The claims in a patent define what is the invention protected by the patent.  Ideally, the claims should protect the ‘inventive concept’ underlying the invention and not limited to a specific embodiment of the invention described in the patent. 

A problem solving statement helps the inventor and patent attorney identify the ‘inventive concept’. It is expressed as follows:  ‘The problem(s) of _______ is (are) solved by ________. ‘    It most instances, there are several problem solving statements for an invention.   Often, different problem solving statements can be written from different perspectives – the user, the manufacturer, the buyer, the licensee, etc.  By drafting and re-drafting the problem solving statements, eventually a problem solving statment that clearly identifies the invention concept will be found.  

In addition to identifying the ‘inventive concept’, the problem solving statement also (1) helps the patent attorney draft a suitable Title, Background Section and Summary Section in the application; (2) draft fallback claims;  (3) helps draft a full suite of claims; and (4) develop broad language that can used in the Claims Section. 


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