Websites 101: What is the Purpose of your Website?

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Before you create a website and choose a domain name, it is helpful to determine the purpose of the website.

A website may ‘create demand’, ‘fulfill demand’ or ‘collect leads’.  A ‘create demand’ website is intended to introduce new products or services to consumers.   The purpose of ‘create demand’ websites is to introduce a new product or service to website visitors and thereby create a demand for the product or service.  When you type in Google search engine, “What is a ‘high definition television’ , various links are generated to websites that present information on ‘high definition televisions’.   A radio or TV advertisement about a product or service is intended to ‘create demand’ in the listener or viewer for the product or service.

A ‘fulfill demand’ website is intended to sell products or services to customers who already know they want a particular product or service.   Often product manufactures operate ‘fulfill demand’ websites that allow customers to directly buy the product from the website. and are primarily ‘fulfill demand’ websites.  

A ‘collect leads’ website is intended to collect email addresses, names and telephone numbers from potential customers that later may be used to send ‘create demand’ oriented advertising and/or fulfill demand’ oriented advertizing to this potential customers.   Websites that offer information about a particular topic often include a blog site that allows visitors to sign up and receive period news and information.

Today, most websites have a primary purpose, and one or two secondary purposes.  For example, the primary purpose of Amazon is to ‘fulfill demand’.  Its secondary purposes are to offer information on onter products (create demand) and collect email adresses (create leads) so it may send you information via your email address on other products in the future.


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