The Use of Problem Solving Statements

Every invention is associated with a problem that needs to be addressed or solved that either relieves pain or satisfies a need in the user.  The commercial value of the invention usually depends on how important is the problem  (how strong is the demand that the problem be addressed or solved) and can the invention be commercialize.

In most instances, the problem that an invention addresses or solves can be describe in different ways.  Describing the problem and how the invention solves the problem is important for its patentability.

Keys for writing different problem solving statements:

  1. Identify the gains and pains the inventive concept addresses or provides;
  2. Identify all the parties that will benefitif the gains and pains are addressed or provided by the invention;
  3. Write problem solving statements with different preambles (The problem of x is __; (called a simple preamble); The problems of x and x’ are ____; (called a compound preamble)
  4. Write problem solving statements with different solutions (The problem of x is solved by y; (called a simple solution); The problem of x is solved by y that has z and z’ (called a componund solution).

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