Services is owned and operated by the law office of Dean A. Craine, P.S.  We are a boutique intellectual property firm in Bellevue, Washington. The firm specializes in intellectual property law with an emphasis on U.S. patent law, U.S. trademark law, and international patent procurement.

We assist inventors, entrepreneurs and small business with identifying and defining their inventions, preparing patent applications that optimally protect their inventions, and provide patentability and infringement opinions in patent and trademark matters. We also assist them in product development, marketing, IP selling and licensing, IP procurement, and IP portfolio development.

New ideas are a ‘dime a dozen’. Very few ideas turn into commercially successful products. When clients file a provisional or non-provisional patent application with on-line filing services, they often contact us and ask, “What now?” There is a better way.

Before recommending to clients they file patent applications to protect their inventions, we inquire whether the client have considered or evaluated the commercialization aspects of invention. Most companies consider the commercialization aspects of a new idea shortly before or shortly after filing provisional patent applications for their invention. We agree with this approach and recommend clients follow the same path.

We enjoy helping inventors, entrepreneurs and small business owners develop and bring new products to the market.

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