Amendment Preparation Guide

Re-read the application and note all spelling and grammatical errors.

Review the drawings and verify that all the reference numbers used in the Detailed Description section in the Application has been used in the drawings.   Identify all reference numbers shown in the drawings but not used in Detailed Description  and either remove the reference numbers from the drawings because they are not needed or add the reference numbers to the Detailed Description section.

Review the Claims and identify the point of novelty.   Reconsider the scope of the claims and claim mixtures (apparatus, method, etc). Review claim chart.

Review Amendment.  Note all specification and drawing objections.  Note all claim objections and rejections. 

Review Prior Art references:  Identify the problem(s) addressed and solved in each reference.  Review the sections in the reference that are being used by the Examiner.

 Prepare first draft of Amendment addressing all issues raised by the Examiner.

Revise draft

Finalize Amendment

File Amendment

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