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Searching Resource Page

Patent Searching:

a. General Info on Patents

b. Issued Patent Searching (This gov’t page currently isn’t functioning properly, 6/5/17)

c. Pending Patent Application Searching (This gov’t page currently isn’t functioning properly, 6/5/17)

d. File History of Published Patent Applications (Public PAIR)

e. Google Patent Search

f. Free On-line Patent Searching

g. The Lens

Trademark Searching:

a. General Info on Trademarks

b. Trademark Searching (TESS)

c. States Trademark Search Offices

Trademark Selection:

a.  How to Choose a Good Domain

b.  How to Make up Words for Trademarks and Domain names

c.  The Name Inspector

d.  How to Choose a Brand Name That Can be Trademarked

e. How to Created New Doamin Names, Company Names and Trademarks


Domain Name Selection:

Check Domain Name Availability

Domain Name Who Is Look-up

Search Wayback Machine -Internet Archives

Misc. Searching Tools:

USPTO Classification

International Patent Classifications

Maintenance Fees

International Intellectual Property Organizations


Marketplace Product Searching:

a. Amazon Product Searching

b. Alababa Product Searching

Miscellaneous Information:

DYI Patent Search?  Try this form:  Patent Search Template

Patent Process Overview from the USPTO

USPTO Trademark Searching TIPS

  U.S. Intellectual Property Organizations

Government Agencies & Courts

International Intellectual Property Organizations





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